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Family Photos

This past Sunday I visited Brandon and Lindsay (from the last post) for Lindsay’s Grandpa’s 80th Birthday party. It’s hard to believe he’s 80! Here is a small selection of photos from the day:

As always, click to view larger.

Baby Elizabeth at 6 Months

You may remember this darling girl from her newborn photos, and she looks SO different now. I had to stop myself from flagging 50% of the pictures as favorites, so I may need to do a few sneak preview posts. There’s just a lot going on in this session. You’ll see, we have darling E, plus mommy and daddy, grandma, cousin Mason and Auntie Spring, and even Harley (the dog). So stay tuned for more! (Including a side-by-side comparison of her then and now.) As always, click on the image to see it larger.