Birth Stories

Birth stories are a unique offering. The birth story session will capture the moment your little one comes into the world and the first few moments of precious life. I will travel to your hospital, birth center, or home and stay as low-profile as possible, quietly capturing the scene as it unfolds. Afterward, I will create a short photo slideshow of the one-of-a-kind story.

Birth story session with slideshow DVD: $450

Contact me so we can discuss what this unique session will look like, or to see samples. I will leave directly after the birth if there are complications or I am asked to do so by the medical team. Typically, baby is placed directly on mother’s chest for bonding. I will not disturb the new family by moving them away from this important time. Newborn sessions are available for more photographs of baby afterward.


Fine Print:

Location must be within Orange County, California. I will do my best to make childcare accommodations and arrange to be at your birth. In odd circumstances, such as premature births, I may not be able to make it. Of course, I will do my best! You will need permission from your care provider(s) to ensure that I will be able to photograph and possibly capture video of the event. Most hospitals will not allow video recording without signed consent of the doctor or midwife. Please obtain permission and provide it at least 6 weeks prior to your due date.  I will count against your number of allowed guests in the hospital room. If music is desired on your slideshow, please provide digital copies 6 weeks prior to due date. After your baby’s birth, please provide me with his/her stats via email.


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