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The birth of Miss Penelope

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the first moments of a new life. It was absolutely beautiful. What an honor. It was exciting for me to see the process from the other side. It brought back great memories from the most incredible day of my life. So, so special. I love the father’s looks of concern for his wife, her mother’s excitement as the baby gets closer to being born, and the looks of absolute joy on the faces of both new parents as they meet their daughter. They were just delighted by her. What a life-affirming experience. I’ll share a small number of them here, but of course the couple has already received a slideshow of the birth story. So incredible.

















Graduation Photos

I haven’t been blogging much on this page, have I? I suppose that I have not been doing much as far as photography is concerned.
Except practicing!
I was thrilled (maybe too thrilled?) to photograph a High School graduate-to-be today. First of all, she’s beautiful, and that does make things very easy for me. She’s also really sweet and on her way to college to study art. I love it.
Without further ado, I bring you Sarah:

I have a new way for you to view photos! Try this slideshow and let me know what you think!

The Brennan Family: Portraits

Today I met the Brennans: Jamie, Journey, Bay and “Bash.” What a cute family! I love when I can tell that parents of small children (any children, for that matter) really love each other despite all the chaos that comes with children, and Journey and Jamie do. Plus, they are all pretty darn good-looking. Enjoy…

The Moss Family: Portraits

This is the second time I’ve photographed the Moss Family, but the first time as a family of four. Brandon and Lindsay and their daughter Paige welcomed baby sister Brooke this spring. Paige was already the cutest child ever, and now her baby sister is here who looks like a living Cabbage Patch Doll. Enjoy the cuteness explosion…

The Hanveys: Portraits Part I

On Saturday, I photographed the Hanvey family. Chris and Josh have been besties for years, and I was delighted when he married Christina in 2009. Their baby, Peyton, was such a good sport! She smiled and giggled for over a hour, and even played along for a while after that (although she wasn’t very happy about it–hehe). This session also includes Chris’ parents, Ken and Rox-Ann, his sister Jen, her husband Oscar, and their two adorable kids, Maddie and Logan. Such a sweet family! They have always been so caring and thoughtful to Josh and I. Well enough talking, let’s see the pictures!