Bree Maternity

Today, on a balmy 80+ degree Saturday, I photographed beautiful Bree, who is awaiting the arrival of baby Adelynn. She looked amazing, and she’s so photogenic…I think you’ll agree.

 Gorgeous, no?




 Bree’s mom, Trasie:

 And one last one of the two of us. 🙂


Portraits: Baby Elizabeth

Yesterday I photographed the beautiful baby Elizabeth. You may remember her mother’s maternity session, which occurred only one day before she was born! She is just over a month old and looks just like her mommy and daddy. She has the cutest little button nose, her daddy’s dimples and her mommy’s eyes, and she loves to smile. She is just precious, and I think you’ll agree when you see her…

As always, click to enlarge.

 Daddy’s hands…


We did take color pictures, but the B&Ws are just so beautiful…

 We needed one crying face…