Birth Announcement

I have a new birth announcement to show you all!


Caden: Part 2

Because I know you all just can’t get enough of this adorable boy!!

[WebGallery is at the bottom!]

Nice little yawn sequence for you…
Jillian…your photos will be in the mail soon! I’m sorry to say that you will have more photos of this child then anyone needs. OOPS! hehe. 😉

Webgallery here!

A glimpse at baby Caden

[I love the angry face]
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting a darling little creature…I know you are jealous that I just keep getting to spend time photographing adorable babies! Here is Mr. Caden, a good-tempered and lovable 7-week-old with a beautiful and kind mommy. We had a great time!

There are a LOT more where these came from…stay tuned!!