Big Bear

I am on vacation (!!) in Big Bear, or for those of you who are not Southern Californians, our local mountain range. It is absolutely gorgeous. I plan on taking quite a few pictures and posting all weekend from the cabin’s brand new Wi-Fi!

Fallen log…
The rather Halloween-like branches of a charred tree.
Much of this area, near Fawnskin, is still closed since the tragic wildfires of three years ago. Forests of blackened ghost trees remain for miles. In the distance you can see the remains of what appears to have been a brick wall. Firefighters saved most buildings and residences, but unfortunately they had to let most uninhabited areas burn. I am certain that countless animals lost their lives and homes. I wish people would be more careful with their fires! The pine trees should return, as pine cones release their seeds in fire (as evidenced by anyone who has thrown pine cones into a fire) and firefighters have used controlled burns in order to re-forest certain areas.
Wildflowers in mid-day heat (and harsh lighting)
So sad…


Because I know that most of you are more interested in portraits, so here is the beautiful Kailie:


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