Birthday Party


Portraits, anytime, anywhere

Sometimes the best portraits happen in the middle of random events. Places, expressions, and clothing are authentic and less forced. The following are some examples.
First, my dad in “weekend” attire at one of his favorite spots to cruise to, Swallows Inn. Next, my husband, with my reflection in his goggles. The backdrop could only have been seen in this magnitude from a ski run on the side of the mountain. His face reflects the fun being had.

Next, my aunt and cousins in an impromptu Christmas day shot.

Lastly my mom, grandmother, uncle, and two aunts; same Christmas day.

It’s all about details

Rings, the beautiful wooden ring boxes they give you (what are you supposed to do with it later?), flowers, and other details that brides work so hard on must be documented.

For this shot, a fuzzy pink Juicy Couture box had some alluring texture for the background of a sparkly diamond shot.

This time a garter.

Sparkly jewels in her flowers.